Crisis Closet

This past weekend I helped a single working mother regain her space! In our initial consultation, she shared with me how stressed she gets in the morning just trying to find an outfit. She said, just looking at the space gives her stress! The purpose of her closet is to hold her clothes, nice shoes,…

Personal Resolutions

If you look back in my blog, you can see my obsession with beauty products. It took a turn when I discovered Korean Beauty products that work so well for such an affordable price. However, my life is taking different turns and I am making my own personal resolutions. No more beauty products or skin…

Aurora Deonne Blog

Aloha and welcome! Here in the blog posts, you can find my recent transformations, my favorite quick tips for organizing, and my personal organizing journey. Have a question or a request? Go to the Contact page and send me an email. Aurora D.

Target Style

Everyone loves/hates Target. I am one of them. I love the convenience. I love the dollar section. But I also hate some of the cheap quality items I buy into. I hate my addiction to consumerism that seems to fly high whenever I go to Target. But that’s another conversation we can have later. One…

Beauty Travel Packing

Here in Hawaii, summer is over. The youth are making their way back to school and of course, everyone thinks summer went by too fast. Fortunately, I was able to take a two-week vacation last month. Here is how I pack my beauty products. First off, I had to pack my new Face Shop samples….