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Ditch that Starbucks Now!

Forget about the Unicorn and Dragon fraps. Those fads are going extinct. Stick with the real Dragon, Dragonfruit that is.
Also known as Pitaya, Dragonfruit can bring lots of health benefits (see poster below). Natural flavors and a beautiful bright color, my favorite way to consume this Dragon is in a fruit bowl.

Locally, Hawaii has a bunch of places to satisfy your Dragonfruit craving. But if you are nowhere near a local smoothie place, your nearest Jamba Juice should be there for you too.

No filter needed!

 Just beautiful. 

My favorite place to get a fruit bowl of any kind is Jewel or Juice located in Kaimuki and Kailua on Oahu. HICravings is another great place for fruit bowls with awesome topping. I think I need to make a trip soon!

Please do yourself a favor and go for the real Dragon!

-Aurora D.

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