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How to Handle Makeup Product Regret

You know you’ve felt this. Regret. Maybe you just had to purchase that highlighter palette because your favorite YouTuber told you, you just can’t live without it! And you buy it. But soon find out, for whatever reason, it does not work for you! Here are three ways you can handle Makeup Product Regret (#MPR).

1. Toss it!

Okay, maybe that wasn’t the most tactful way to start my blog. But if you know me, you know I am not afraid to toss things that I know don’t belong in my life. Honestly, if something doesn’t bring you joy (#konmari), just toss it. Thank the product for its service in teaching you about what you may or may not like in that kind of product.

2. Use it!

Yes, that is the obvious choice for some people, even when they hate the product at first try, they still use it. Or at least keep it in their makeup drawer, haunting them until they begrudgingly attempt to use it one more time. I have two suggestions on how to use a product you regret purchasing. Try one of the following before you decide if you want to go through with tip #1 or try tip #3.

First: Product Regret One Week Challenge

Okay, not the best name, but you get it right? You take a product and use it every day for seven days. People try challenges to do something out of their comfort zone and it can be a positive experience.

Example: If it is an eyeshadow palette that every time you look at it, it just doesn’t spark creativity; challenge yourself to use that eyeshadow palette every day creating a new eyeshadow look forcing yourself to use what you’ve got! I’ve tried it and re-fell-in-love with some makeup products.

Second: Product Regret 7-way Challenge

If you have a product you regret buying because you feel it just does not work for you but doesn’t fit with the first challenge, try this one. Find 7 different ways to use that dreadful product!

Example: Lush oil cleanser. I bought this because I wanted to purchase products that were more environmentally friendly and cruelty-free. Lush provides just that because once I am done with the product, I can return 5 of the pots in exchange for one fresh mask! Plus this company claims to be cruelty-free.

But dang-it! I could not use this product for the life of me! Basically, you put this on your makeup-painted face (dry), rub rub rub, then rinse off with warm water.

1 – I fingered a small amount of the product rubbed it all over my face and rinsed it off with warm water. I hated it. It just created a thick waxy oil all over my face, not cleaning off much.

2 – I took the small amount of the product and rubbed it in between my hands. Maybe it needed warming before application? Then I continued as directed. Same result.

3 – I did the same steps, but this time in the shower! Maybe I need constant warm water? Nope, still waxy.

4 – Same steps, in the shower, but now I used a damp wash cloth to wipe off the waxy mess. It worked! Sort of… My eye makeup was still bleeding. Lovely.

5 – Okay. Maybe it just doesn’t work for my full face. Next, I used a pea sized amount on to a finger and worked it on my lips to take off the dried liquid lipstick. It came out super thick so I took it off with a cotton pad. It worked! Not fun but it worked!

6 – Since it worked for my liquid lipsticks, it should definitely work for my swatches on my hands right? Right! Rub it on my dry swatches and wipe it off with cotton. I guess that is using less cotton than a makeup wipe, right?

7 – Okay, last way to try this product. I used it specifically to take off eye makeup. I put the product on my closed eyes and wiped it off with a dry cotton pad and a wet cotton pad. Both did not work so well.

Conclusion: I don’t think it was worth it to keep this product while only using it to remove swatches. Now I should either go for tip #1 or tip #3.

3. Give it!

If you can’t stand to toss it. And it just does not work for you. Find a way to give it to someone. Maybe you have a friend or family member that is better suited for the product. Or you have a women’s shelter that you can donate the product(s) to? Another option is to sell your gently used products to But be aware that this kind of website only accepts certain products with a minimum amount of products to be sold.

Since I am pretty addicted to purchasing and using beauty products, I am getting better at choosing what works well for me. But some products may still slip by. Please let me know in the comments below what are some of your makeup regrets and what did you do to solve the problem?

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