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Makeup Declutter: Eyeliner, Mascara & Brows

Eyeliner, mascara, and brow products are somethings I use often when wearing makeup. Let’s be out with the old!

They either work or they don’t. I have kept a few, thinking that I would make them work, but there was no use. Some were tossed because they dried out. Others were tossed because they smudged before the end of the day. I’m starting to learn more about which ones work best for me.


Mascara is pretty easy to tell once it has gone bad, it smells and it dries up. I have decided to toss the mascaras that smudge on me throughout the day. Since I have a handful of mascara, I did a daily challenge. I wore a different mascara each day and by the end of the day if it smudged, it went to the trash.


Brow products! I never used brow products till a person at the Benefit Brow Bar filled them in for me after a wax. I was hooked! And very surprised at how easy it was to do. And now I have a few products that I know are still easy to use. I ultimately tossed the highlighting product and the Ofra brow pencil because it was too waxy and felt uncomfortable.


Ok I can see I honestly don’t need to purchase anymore makeup products for like an entire year! Goodness gracious, I know I should stop. Are you decluttering? Let me know how it is going! 😙

-Aurora D.

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