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Crisis Closet

This past weekend I helped a single working mother regain her space! In our initial consultation, she shared with me how stressed she gets in the morning just trying to find an outfit. She said, just looking at the space gives her stress!

The purpose of her closet is to hold her clothes, nice shoes, personal linens, and important papers. After going through all of her clothing items, we found that she has more than enough room to store her clothes and personal items. Exciting!

When listening to her concerns, the main thing she knew she wanted to be changed was to move her towels from one corner to the other for easy access.

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After taking inventory of her nice work clothes, I decided to make that the main focus of her space. Here you can see that the long side of the closet holds her dresses, jackets, and blouses neatly spaced.

*You want to make sure you have enough space between hanging clothes so they don’t wrinkle when being stored.

After seeing her space so open, she made the decision to move her shoe storage to the side wall, and her plastic drawers to the back wall. Now the plastic dressers are a holding spot for her purses that she uses daily.

Love the transformation? Book your free consultation today!

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Makeup Declutter: Face Powders & Single Eyeshadow

I’m on a roll with getting rid of the old products. However, I feel like you could keep powder products forever!


The top picture shows the mess I had stored in my drawer that includes bronzers and face powders.



I love my loose power from Younique. The texture is so fluffy, I will need to order more soon and encourage you to do so as well!

Other powders are either finishing powders, blotting powders, or powder foundation. I will make it a priority to work on using my powders on light makeup days.


Single Eyeshadows

My Colourpop Super Shock Shadow collection. I mainly have warm tones but my shimmer shades are my favorite! The other shadows came from subscription boxes or other makeup sets.

I got rid of the basic shades and kept the shades that are more unique or ones I don’t have in my palette collection. I also chose to toss the Colourpop shadows that were dried out (one setback to the shadows).

Looking at my collection, in the future, I want to have single eyeshadows in a pan to easily put in z palettes. Single eyeshadows are just not as nice to store!

Let’s see what my makeup future holds.

-Aurora D.

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Makeup Declutter: Blushes, Bronzers, & Highlights

I realize wow, I have too much. #Konmari 1, 2, 3!

Ugh, this is more than I can handle. Blush, I do not see myself actually using most of these. I also realize that I only like neutral tan/peach colors.

I am keeping…

KVD Shade & Light Blush in Mickey + Mallory: It’s soft and leaning more on the peach color.

Milani Powder Blush 10 Awakening Rose: Love this color and it is cheap enough to try other colors.

Becca Mineral Blush in Wild Honey: Love the color too much to part ways.

Mellow Face Blush in Bronze: The closest color to my Becca Blush.

E.L.F. Baked Blush: These are perfect if you want a little glow with your blush.

Nars Blush Orgasm: Iconic color.

Japonesque Velvet Touch Blush in Shade 02: A very close dupe in color to Nars Orgasm with less shimmer.



It Cosmetics Live, Love, Laugh Vitality Face Disc: It is soft and is a good color match for me during the winter time.

E.L.F. Blush and Bronzer duo in Fiji-matte: Using this constantly now. It is super easy to blend and the perfect pan size to bring traveling.

Naked Flushed Native: I bought this a while back but I found that I just can’t use the blush and highlight. I will keep because it is beautiful to look at and the bronzer can work with my skin tone.

E.L.F. Bronzer Pallette: Cheap and a good mix of bronzer colors.

Benefit Hoola travel size: I love how small it is and that even with my medium skin tone, it can work for me.

Maybelline FitMe! 330 Stick Foundation: I use this as a cream contour. It is super easy to blend. Love it.

Wet n Wild Megaglo Contouring Pallette Contour in Dulce De Leche: I will use this in the future when I get darker during the summer months.

Cover FX Contour Kit G Medium-Deep: I want to use this when my Maybelline stick runs out. Spent some $$ on it so I need to use this up!



Confession time. I didn’t toss much. Only tossed the pink Wet n Wild Fergie pan and two of the highlights in the square golden pans (don’t remember the names because they were bought on sale at Ross). They are all just too pretty!

Okay, let me know how you are doing with your decluttering below ūüėČ

-Aurora D.

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Product Empties: April 2017

Product empties for April. Let’s review and see if I will use these again.

Green Light = Yes purchase again

Yellow Light = Maybe under certain circumstances

Red Light = Nope, not for me


Clean it Zero: I like the thick texture and it helps to break down my makeup. This does not always get my mascara off and I would go in with another cleanser to get it all. Don’t open your eyes while you use this, it can sting ūüė£. Yellow Light

Nature Republic Jeju Sparkling Mud Cleansing Cream: Very moisturizing and a nice way to get off light amounts of makeup. Dry skin people will like this one. Red Light

Glamglow Super Cleanse Daily Clearing Cleanser: I was pleasantly surprised to like this product. It was a thick dark cream that got a little foamy while washing with water. It helped my oily skin, and I would purchase this again. Yellow Light

Nature Republic Fresh Herb Snail Cleansing Foam Snail: This was cheap. It left my skin squeaky clean. But also left my eyes stinging. Red Light


Skin Food Rice Mask Wash Off: It was a gentle scrub. People with sensitive skin will like this. Red Light

Skin Food Sesame Hot Mask Wash Off: A gentle scrub that warmed parts of my face. I could only feel the warmth on my nose and around my lips. Red Light

Glamglow Supermud Tingle Exfoliate Treatment Mask: Yes I tried the hyped product. It did help to bring the junk in my pores out to the surface, but I still had to get everything out with a pore strip or something similar. I will only repurchase it if is on sale. Yellow Light

Lush Rosy Cheeks: Love this. Its price is right. Helps calm my skin when it gets red or irritated by other products. I know I can rely on this. I will repurchase. Green Light


Fresh Rose Hydrating Eye Gel Cream: Love this! Gel eye moisturizer that is light enough to wear under my makeup but moisturizing enough to solve my undereye problems. I will definitely repurchase. Green Light

Origins High-Potency Night-A-Mins:¬†This was nice but I didn’t see a difference in my skin. I guess it is more of a preventative measure. I might repurchase this again. Yellow Light

Blithe Vital Treatment 8 Nourishing Beans for Multi activating & Lifting:¬†Within the first week I saw a difference in my acne red spots. ¬†It lasted for about six weeks. Then after that, I couldn’t see improvement. I don’t know if it was because I was trying different skin care products that affected it. Yellow Light

Bath & Bodyworks Aromatherapy Stress Relief Eucalyptus Tea Body Cream: I really like this calming scent. Plus it moisturizes well enough for me. Yellow Light

There you have it. A short review of products that were used up well. Let me know if you too feel awesome after using up beauty products!

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Makeup Declutter: Concealors & Primers

Safe to say for people who have a collection of makeup products, we keep it past the expiration date! But using expired makeup could lead to skin problems like a pimply rash or eye irritation. Let’s all strive to go through our collections twice a year.



J. One Jelly Pack: This is an interesting primer. It squeezes out like clear glue. It is super tacky. I feel my skin very firm when I use it but have not used it enough to see if I love it.

Murad Oil-Control Mattifier: After trying a deluxe sample of this I was hooked! It feels comfortable on the skin and helps to keep my skin looking natural and not dehydrated, while still mattifying. I will continue to use and repurchase this.

Becca Backlight Priming Filter:¬†I had no real intention of using this because I thought it wasn’t going to work for my oily skin. It was purchased with a Becca set including other fun products I wanted to try so it was a surprise when this worked well for me. It smells nice and gives a pretty sheen to the skin. I use it under my light to medium coverage foundation.

Benefit The Pore-fessional: This product does not work for me. It feels nice on the skin and helps to fill in pores but it tends to make me more oily throughout the day!

Too Faced Shadow Insurance: One of my favorite eyeshadow primers around. It smoothes out my skin and keeps my eyelids a comfortable matte. I am never able to even complete a deluxe sample before it starts to go bad. So it seems I need to replace it now before I start getting eye irritations.




Too Faced Born This Way Naturally Radiant Concealer Medium:¬†Thin consistency, smells like artificial coconuts and blends well. It is a good color to put on my red spots around my cheeks and chin. I do not use if for color correcting (I don’t like using too many layers) but it does work nicely. I cannot use this under my eyes because it separates throughout the day.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer Med-Light Neutral:¬†Favorite! This color is perfect for me and under my eyes. It is neutral, so it covers discoloration under my eyes but doesn’t brighten (too much). I can blend this easily with a sponge or just my fingers. I will continue to use this and repurchase.

Maybelline Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Concealer Neutralizer: I used this in another color and loved it for travel. It is so easy to blend and a thin consistency. However, this was not my color. I will get rid of it.

Benefit Fake Up 02 Medium:¬†Despite my oily skin, I have dry under eyes and this is so moisturizing! I love it for my minimal makeup days when I don’t need perfectly matte skin.

Boo-Boo Cover-Up Concealer:¬†Got this in a monthly subscription box. I never would have tried it otherwise but it is great. It is creamy and covers “imperfections” well.

Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector: This pot cream is very easy to use. One little touch of my finger spread to another finger and it is just enough to spread over both under eyes.

It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Full Coverage Anti-aging Waterproof Concealer: A light salmon color to conceal dark under eyes. This is thick and creamy. I need to play with it more, but I am willing to part with it.

It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Illumination Full Coverage Anti-Aging Waterproof Concealer: This is a darker salmon color to conceal dark under eyes. Again, thick and creamy. I am willing to part with it.

Today I wasn’t very successful because most of these products are reasonably new. I am getting rid of the Pore-fessional and replacing the Shadow Insurance with a new one. I am tossing the Maybelline Age Rewind and then trying both It Cosmetics Concealers to see what I want to do with them.

Are you purging parts of your collection? I’d love to hear about it! Comment below to let me know how the process is going for you.

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Makeup Declutter: Foundations


Ok, let’s do this! I’m on a roll and you know we got to roll with that momentum. Follow me as I let go of some foundations.


Ok, I have a lot.


Let’s look at the high(er)-ish/end brand foundations.

Urban Decay All Nighter 6: This is a relatively new purchase. I read all of the reviews and decided to purchase it. Tried it twice and as of now, it does not last more than 4 hours on my face! Then it starts to feel heavy and slips off my nose and cheeks. ūüė£

Too Faced Born This Way Sand: I love the way this foundation makes my skin look. It has medium coverage, it masks my red spots and my skin looks healthy! This one is going nowhere.

Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Medium Honey: I wanted a thin, serum like foundation for the summer. I like it for that purpose but it does not last long. Around hour 3 it gathers around my nostrils then dries up so it’s hard to blend out.

Cover fx Custom Cover Drops G 50: I like using this with my liquid foundations that need more coverage or needs a change of color.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Light-Medium Honey: This is one of the only foundations that is a comfortable matte. I can have this on for close to 9 hours and will only get a little oil peaking through on my nose. This is too light for my usual complexion so I have to warm it up with some bronzer or my cover fx custom cover drops.

Becca Radiant Skin Satin Finish Tan: I like the finish of this foundation but it does not cover my red spots. For some reason this makes my red spots look like age spots. I usually have to mix this with another foundation to make it perfect for me.


Now looking at the drug store, affordable and sample size products.

Milani Conceal + Perfect 05: This is surprisingly really nice. It doesn’t dry matte on me, it tends to be tacky so I HAVE to set it with a powder. And I walked through the rain at the end of my work day, got in the bathroom and my makeup was still intact!

Maybelline Fit Me! Matte + Poreless: This foundation has gotten many good reviews online so I had to try it. I love it for an everyday no fuss makeup day. It gives me light to medium coverage. This does not stay matte on me all day, but it is so light and comfortable to wear that I don’t mind.

E.L.F. Acne Fighting Foundation: This foundation was recommended by a YouTuber who loved it. I bought the wrong shade so I cannot wear it alone. I would usually use it to mix with my lighter shade foundations.

Maybelline Dream Wonder-touch Foundation 85 Sun Beige: Yes. This foundation I love. Unfortunately, I found this in the clearance section so I don’t even think they make this formula anymore! It is a great serum like foundation, perfect for summer or “less makeup” days.

It Cosmetics CC+ Medium: I favor this CC cream for days at the beach. It gives more coverage than some of my foundations. I set it with a little bronzer and I’m ready to go! It can seriously be as easy to put on as those irritating infomercials say it is.

Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Medium: I have not used this foundation sample enough to really have an opinion about it. ūüôĀ Maybe I need another sample to try again ūüėČ

Benefit Hoola: This happens to be the same color of my own skin. I would not purchase this because it would not work out for me to be worth it.

Benefit Dew the Hoola: This smells really nice. I would use this as a liquid bronzer, but it ends up disappearing on my face. Bummers!


Stick foundations! Ah so easy to travel with. Blendable. Different colors for different purposes.

Maybelline Fit Me! Shine-Free + Balance: I used this stick foundation on my trip to New Zealand because I was basically camping out of our car (that’s what most tourists do). On most days, I was putting on my makeup while my partner was driving us out of our camping ground. It is just so easy! However, these do not keep me shine free in humid Hawaii.

NYX Mineral Stick Foundation: I can’t say how well these work on me because they ended up having a pink undertone. Life.



These are all the foundations I am keeping. I feel pretty good about the results. Let me know if you have tried any of the foundations I mention and your thoughts!

-A Simple Sunset